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In this monthly blog series, Carlisle & Co. spotlights one of our clients, highlighting their company as well as their digital marketing strategies, successes, and more.

Introducing Dr. Kari Anderson

Dr. Kari Anderson is an author, therapist, and consultant. She is the owner of myEatingDoctor, LLC, an eating disorder treatment business. Having specialized in eating disorder treatment for over 30 years — and personally struggled with binge eating disorder (BED) — she has positioned herself as a respected clinician and leader in the field. 

In 2021, she published her memoir, Food, Body & Love: But the Greatest of These is Love, followed by its Companion Workbook in 2023. Both of these publications solidified her as a recognized authority in the treatment of BED. She also introduced her Food, Body & Love programs, offering virtual coaching and courses for anyone needing extra support to find calm with food, body, or just life in general.

Fast Facts About Carlisle & Co.’s Work with Dr. Kari Anderson

Here are some fast facts about our digital marketing work with Dr. Kari Anderson:

What was the timeline for Kari’s work with Carlisle & Co.?

We kicked off our work with Kari in February 2022.

Why did we first begin working with Kari?

Kari originally reached out to promote her memoir, which she had recently independently published. We focused our efforts on a monthly blog post on both her website and her Food, Body & Love blog on Psychology Today. We also completed a website audit and recommended content and design shifts to improve her user experience. Additionally, we assisted her with a monthly newsletter as well as a content calendar and weekly posting for social media.

What digital marketing services do we currently provide?

Our work with Kari has evolved over the past two-and-a-half years! Our current package includes a monthly strategy call, advertising, outreach, email marketing, social media, content writing, and website updates to support her counseling, coaching, and consulting services. When needed, we prepare presentations or print materials, including postcards, flyers, and business cards.

We also supported her in the creation of her online course, Food, Body & Love: A Compassionate and Science-Based Solution for Binge Eating (which was a great learning experience for our team!). 

What sort of success have we helped Kari achieve?

The first blog post that we published on Psychology Today was titled Unlocking the Love Code and released on Valentine’s Day in 2022. Since its publication, it has reached nearly 53,000 views — her highest ever!

Additionally, she consistently achieves a remarkable open rate (the number of emails opened compared to the number of emails sent) for her monthly newsletters at 50 to 60 percent. The industry benchmark for health and wellness is 41.2 percent. 

What’s next for our digital marketing work with Kari?

We’re currently completing a website refresh on her main website and finishing the creation of a long-form landing page that specifically focuses on her Food, Body & Love programs. Moving forward, we plan to create another online course and develop a strategy to help her grow her clients in Washington state.

Where Can I Find Dr. Kari Anderson?

Website | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Psychology Today

If you’re looking to develop a digital marketing strategy and expand your online reach, please reach out to our team today.

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