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Strategy and heart.
Design and execution.
Aesthetics and conversion.

You can have it all.

We are a full-service digital marketing agency, specializing in strategy and implementation for individuals and small- to medium-sized businesses. With a combined 50+ years of experience in digital marketing, we differentiate ourselves by taking the time to understand your brand and tell your story. 

It began with a silver lining ... 

meet the team

We are a women-driven team of collaborators, creatives, and your biggest supporters. Our job is to highlight your company so you can focus on the important stuff! 

Greer founded A Silver Lining, not with the intention of finding the good from the bad - but in finding that special something, that little spark, that is present in every company and business. As our team has grown to a female-led and empowered team we continue to pride ourselves on working collaboratively internally as well as with each and every client. We want to find that little spark and ensure the whole world (or your targeted market) can see it - to show off your silver lining.

Greer Johnson, MS
& Managing Director

Greer founded A Silver Lining, LLC in 2012 (now Carlisle & Co.). She works collaboratively with company owners and small businesses to develop unique digital marketing plans to effectively communicate brand and message while driving business. Greer has extensive experience in the field of behavioral health marketing, working for a national healthcare company for over ten years. Her client list has since expanded to include real estate brokerages, finance service companies, and a wide range of small- to medium-sized businesses.

Greer lives in Winter Park, Florida with her husband Casey, chi-weenie pug Riley, and not so new now addition, lane carlisle.

meet the team

The Social Ones

Cassie & Jaden work collaboratively to share your story via social media channels, advertisements, email marketing... you name it! And, if you're a new client, you will almost always be chatting with Cassie to get started. 

Cassie Sullivan, MS, LAC
Director of Marketing & Sales

Jaden joined A Silver Lining in 2021 with a background in social media, content writing + editing, and general marketing. As our Senior Social Media Manager, Jaden collaborates with our Director of Marketing to provide creative and engaging content for our clients. 

Jaden lives in Maitland, Florida, (although she takes the coolest trips and was recently in hawaii for a few months!)

Jaden Slavens
Senior Social Media Manager

Cassie started working with A Silver Lining, LLC as a Project Manager and has since been promoted to the Director of Marketing, with a focus on social media and email marketing. Cassie has extensive experience in all forms of digital marketing in the behavioral health field; and a particular interest in healthcare, nutrition, and fitness.

Cassie lives at the beach in new jersey with her husband jarrod, and two kiddos - cece & mack.

Juliet Small 
Social Media Intern

Juliet joined Carlisle & Co. with a background in social media management, creative development and copywriting. As our Social Media Intern, she works with the Social Media Manager and Director of Marketing to help manage social media accounts and provide active engagement for our clients. 

Juliet lives in Winter Park, FL

meet the team

The Creative Ones

While Whitney focuses on content & seo and Ashley focuses on public relations, advertising, & keeping us all in line, both are known to get a little creative to get things done!

Whitney Johnson
Director of Content & Creative

Ashley started her career in the nonprofit sector, fundraising + planning events for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She went on to serve as the Senior Director of Events + Sponsorships for the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce and served as a community liaison and event consultant for both profit and nonprofit organizations. She has her certification in Holistic Health Counseling and is a registered yoga teacher. 

Ashley lives in Asheville, NC with her husband Alan, their children Penny + Oliver, & new addition Cocoa the pup.

Ashley Fraebel
Senior Project Manager

Whitney began her career working in the healthcare sector of Burson-Marsteller Public Relations & Communications Firm and later worked as the Public Relations Manager for NV Media, Inc., providing PR and digital marketing services for clients including celebrities, authors and relationship experts. 

Whitney lives in Nashville with her husband Ross, their son Tucker, their daughter Layla Ruth, and their dog Rey.

*fun fact: she & greer are not related 

The Detailed Ones

While Meredith focuses on behind-the-scenes operations and Ashley manages email marketing and various projects, their attention to detail helps C&Co run more smoothly. 

Meredith Iannucci
Senior Operations Manager

Ashley Foster started her career in the nonprofit world, managing events + public relations for the Step Up For Students scholarship program's donors, and developing content for the marketing team. She went on to plan special events and manage the continuing education program at the College of Design at NC State University. 

Ashley lives in RALEIGH, NC with her husband GARY, their children TRIPP and ARDEN, & sweet Vizsla, LADY MAE. 

Ashley Foster
Senior Project Manager

Meredith started her career as the Administrative Assistant to the Chief Brand Officer at CNL Financial Group. She has also used her administrative wizardry and spreadsheet mastery in the non-profit sector, as the Director of Operations for a Home Repair ministry. Helping businesses to perform effectively and efficiently is her jam. 

Meredith lives in New Smyrna Beach, FL with her family and beloved senior dog, Kenny.  


meet the team

The Analytical One

Online advertising campaigns can be tricky - that’s where Heather comes in! She keeps each client’s goals in mind as she builds out their customized strategy. 

Heather Miller
Director of Paid & Organic Search

Heather started her career in New York City as an Account Manager in the adtech world focusing on mobile advertising experiences for Fortune 500 brands. She went on to launch her own boutique ad agency but missed working in a team atmosphere. As our Senior Advertising & Analytics Manager, Heather manages all social and search campaigns and analyzes data to provide reports for our clients.

Heather lives in Oviedo, FL with her husband Jason, their boys Davin & Dean, and their cat teddy.


meet the team

We Believe

Working collaboratively

is the only way.

The last 10% of the work

creates 90% of the impact.

The delight

is in the details.


Wake Early / 

Four Day Weekends

Prioritization is Key /

Work Hard, Live Well

Collaboration, Always 

As the only member of our C-Suite, Riley the chi-weenie pug has the important task of reminding us to take breaks, consume lots of snacks + enjoy the awesome process of promoting your brand & message every day. She teaches us to look at projects from a different lens and express our creativity + joy through our work … but mainly, she’s concerned about the snacks. 

In her free time, Riley loves to swim & carry around announcement banners.

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01. Nature & The Outdoors
Ashley Fraebel

06. Travel
Ashley Foster

02. The Beach

07. Music

03. Wellness

04. A Scented Candle
& A Good Book

05. Interior Design

08. Art

09. Good food & drinks

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