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Did you know that Carlisle & Co. tackles public relations (PR) and outreach efforts as part of our 360-degree digital marketing services? In today’s blog post, let’s take a closer look at how our team achieves public relations success for our clients.

Our client often ask us, “What’s the difference between marketing and public relations?”

We like to think of marketing as the bigger umbrella. It refers to all services used to raise brand awareness, including digital undertakings (our specialty — which ranges from website design and development to SEO, content, and social media) and print materials as well as PR outreach.

Public relations focuses on the image and reputation of your company, or how your audience sees you. It often utilizes third-party outreach to gain brand recognition. Think podcast interviews, guest blogs, print features, newsletter mentions, or even social media posts. 

When a client comes to our team with public relations needs, we follow a specific process to begin our pitching efforts. 

First, it’s important that we set-up a meeting with the client to discuss their immediate focus. Is there a time-specific element, like a new book or workshop in the coming months? Or are they looking for more general outreach? Once we’ve confirmed the timeline, we determine our outreach avenues, which may include podcasts, influencers/bloggers, book clubs, local media, national media, or any combination. 

Now, the fun begins! We put on our research hats to find the podcasts, publications, or blogs that best fit with the client’s area of expertise. We create a spreadsheet to organize the outlets, contact details, and pitching notes (like dates of outreach and placements secured). It’s important to look at the host or blogger’s background as well as recent episodes or articles; you may find a point of connection that you can mention in your outreach.

Next, we write the pitch. We often develop a template or skeleton pitch that we personalize based on each contact or outlet. As mentioned above, you may want to add something to the pitch like, “I see you recently spoke with X about Y. My client can enhance this conversation even further by offering a new perspective on the same topic.” The client may want to review the pitch, so if you have a looming deadline, give yourself plenty of time for feedback and edits. 

In order to keep your PR outreach on track, it’s important to set a schedule. This step is especially necessary if you’re pitching something for a specific date. Determine when you’re going to finalize your pitch, send your first email, and send all follow-up emails. Decide if you’re going to make time for follow-up calls too.

At Carlisle & Co., we work closely with our social media team when it comes to our public relations services.

The digital web is very connected, so we want to be sure to check out an outlet’s social media channels for pitching insights or details about the host/writer. Sometimes, if we can’t find contact information, we’ll even reach out via direct message on Instagram. Once you get a placement, it’s equally important to share, tag, and repost on social media too.

Want to learn even more about public relations and outreach efforts, including helpful materials to have on hand when pitching and prepping your clients for interviews? Check out our recent Instagram Live!

If you’re looking to develop a digital marketing strategy and expand your online reach, please reach out to our team today.

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