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When it comes to the digital world — whether you’re focused on search results, social media, or your customer’s inboxes — standing out is everything. How can you get a longtime follower to read through your newsletter or engage with your social media feed? Better yet, how can you get a potential customer to explore your website content and digital footprint for the first time?

So what does it take for your brand to stand out in a crowded online space?

Let’s consider three tips for effectively reaching your audience:

1. Know the importance of your branding.

Your branding makes a first impression for your customers, so it’s important that it’s consistent, relevant, and distinct. Think of it as a visual representation of you — your voice and your vibe but also your company and even your industry. Just because your competitors are leaning into bright and bold colors doesn’t mean you have to go that route. If you respond more to calming blues and greens, think about how you can weave that preference into your branding. Remember that everything from your logo, colors, and fonts to your images and content plays an important role in attracting your target audience.

2. Understand your audience.

Before you can dig into your digital marketing strategy, you have to know your clients. Research how they interact with their online worlds: What time are they most likely to scroll Instagram? When do they look for new blog content? What day are emails most likely to have a high engagement rate? Without a deep dive into who your audience is and what they most respond to, it will be difficult to effectively reach them through the noise. 

3. Get creative!

Don’t force your content to fit into what is trendy; instead, think about ways to use digital trends to your advantage. Aim to be true to your brand messaging as you weave in elements like trending audios, popular topics, and buzz words.

Once you’ve got your branding set, it’s time to grow your audience!

To ensure you’re reaching the right people, you need to focus on organic growth on your social media channels — which in turn allows you to increase your website visitors, email subscribers, and other digital marketing efforts.

Here are three components of the organic growth strategy that we use for our clients.

1. Complete a target audience analysis.

As we mentioned above, you have to know your audience. Doing proper market research and identifying your audience is the first step in every good marketing strategy. Once you know who you’re speaking to, you will better understand how to market your business.

2. Create content that adds value.

As you plan out your upcoming posts, ask yourself: Is this post adding value to my feed? Incorporate a combination of informational, educational, and entertaining or trendy posts into your schedule. Think about what your ideal customer wants to see and deliver it.

3. Encourage engagement.

Create a collaborative experience for your audience. Ask questions in your post captions, and include polls or question boxes on your stories. Be sure to respond to your comments and direct messages too.

Ultimately, a brand is only as strong as its strategy. 

Without an effective digital marketing strategy, your brand will never reach its full potential. If you need a collaborative team with a 360 degree-approach, contact us today!

If you’re looking to develop a digital marketing strategy and expand your online reach, please reach out to our team today.

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