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In this blog series, Carlisle & Co. spotlights one of our clients each month, highlighting their company as well as their digital marketing strategies, successes, and more.

Introducing Sonni Abatta, Host of We Gotta Talk

Sonni Abatta has spent over two decades working in the media. From an award-winning television news anchor to a podcast and talk show host, she lives for a detail-filled and emotion-fueled conversation that digs into real topics. She currently hosts We Gotta Talk, an issues-based show for curious minds. She describes her listeners as people who care just as much about the current state of political fractiousness as they do about the best face cream once you hit 40. Whether it’s a superficial chat or a deep discussion, there’s room for it all!

Fast Facts About Carlisle & Co.’s Work with Sonni Abatta

Here are some fast facts about our digital marketing work with Sonni:

What was the timeline for Sonni’s work with Carlisle & Co.?

We began digital marketing discussions with Sonni in September 2023. Prior to that, we had worked with her to feature three of our clients on her podcast: Wendy Wright, founder of Financial Therapy Solutions, for an episode about financial therapy; Samantha Blakeney, Vice President of New Business and Marketing for VLS Pharmacy and New Drug Loft, for an episode focused on Ozempic and weight management; and Laura Diaz Freeland, author of Not What I Had in Mind: A Motherhood Origin Story. It’s always so fun when our digital marketing efforts allow for cross-promotion among clients!

Why did we first begin working with Sonni?

Sonni originally reached out seeking general digital marketing guidance. She has various teams working for her, and she wanted a way to combine these individual projects into collaborative efforts with notable successes.

What digital marketing services do we currently provide?

We provide a monthly maintenance package for Sonni’s website, including a performance, security, and speed report as well as HotJar analytics. Using this data, we offer and implement recommendations to improve her user experience and search engine optimization (SEO)

We also hold biweekly strategy calls with Sonni and offer our insights based on her current goals and upcoming schedule. We share suggestions for newsletter topics, social media posts, blog posts, and more. It was particularly fun to strategize with her as she prepared to release her recent podcast episode with Tara Lipinski

What sort of success have we helped Sonni achieve?

We helped Sonni refresh the look of her weekly newsletter by building a template with imagery and content blocks that link to her podcast, Instagram, and blog posts, further connecting subscribers with her brand. Additionally, we helped her launch a new newsletter called The Superficial Edit, which includes her recommendations for beauty products, books, fashion, and more as well as promo codes and giveaways of some of her favorite brands. We also guided her as she began to monetize her website links through LTK and incorporated advertising into her site.

We continually work to improve SEO for specific blog posts and have already seen a positive impact from our edits (these efforts typically take three to six months to kick in). We’ve also made significant gains in decreasing her bounce rate (the percentage of visitors who only visit one page on a website — you want this number to be low!).

What’s next for our digital marketing work with Sonni?

Next up, we’re excited to build out a Shop page on Sonni’s website, creating a one-stop-shop for her Amazon storefront and LTK page. 

Where Can I Find Sonni Abatta?

Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

If you’re looking to develop a digital marketing strategy and expand your online reach, please reach out to our team today.

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