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Cue the confetti – it’s time to celebrate! The Shop is officially open.

In case you’re new around here — if so, welcome!The Shop is your one-stop source for customizable brand kits and social media and marketing templates; curated, color-coordinated photo galleries (are you swooning yet?); industry-focused and SEO-driven content; and simple and effective video and PDF guides for your DIY marketing efforts.

Our Inspiration for The Shop

Throughout our years in the digital marketing space, we’ve realized there’s a gap in what clients want and what they’re willing to invest (both time and money). Oftentimes, they have clear ideas for their brand but struggle to bring them to life. Or maybe they’re willing to do (some of) the heavy lifting themselves but don’t know where to start. For others, the endless acronyms make their heads spin (CTA, CPC, PPC, SEO…the list goes on!) and they give up before they’ve really begun.

It’s with these thoughts in mind that we dreamed up The Shop. We wanted to share our expertise and experience with even more people. We imagined making beautiful brand kits and customizable templates accessible to everyone. It is our hope that we can take the confusion out of digital marketing and let you, the business owner, focus on the fun

Our First Product Launch

Which brings us to today! Coinciding with the 10-year anniversary of A Silver Lining, we’ll be releasing new offerings throughout the month of February. To start, we are launching four themed brand kits. As we created them, we were inspired by our favorite celebrities — those bold women who always stay true to themselves and encourage us all to shine a little bit brighter.

First up is The Lily, perfect for the feminine business owner. She’s girly, fun, and confident — just like her signature pattern. Don’t let her playfulness fool you, though. She’s ambitious and determined too. You’ll find her picking up flowers at her local farmers market on Sunday and working hard at her favorite coffee shop on Monday!

Use the code POPTHEBUBBLY to celebrate with us and save 10% off your entire order.

Want to see who’s next in the line-up? Head over to our Instagram Stories to help us name the rest of our brand kits and enter our launch giveaway!

No matter what you want to communicate with your branding and marketing, The Shop has got you covered.

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