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As we begin the fourth and final quarter of 2023 (!), many brands are already looking ahead to the holidays. They may want to offer their customers a special promotion during the week of Halloween; reveal a new product in the lead-up to holiday shopping; or launch a new package of services at the start of the new year. Alternatively, they could be celebrating a rebrand (like Carlisle & Co. this past January!), an anniversary, or even a new location. 

After years of helping our clients achieve their digital marketing goals, we noticed a direct correlation between social media marketing and their overall results. Thanks to an increase in  intentional social media posts with a clear call to action (CTA), we ultimately grew the reach of their messaging and positively impacted their sales or sign-ups.

With that thought in mind, we’re excited to share our new Social Surge Package.

Let’s dig into the details. The Social Surge Package includes:

For reference, our basic social media services include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google My Business, while our premium services also incorporate TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube.

  • A kick-off call with our social media team
  • Direct text communication in real time
  • Four social media posts
  • Eight to ten stories (including an interactive series)
  • One to two targeted ads that focus on gaining a more extensive reach and engagement for your launch

Aa a digital marketing agency with 40+ years of combined experience, we pride ourselves on our ability to understand your brand and tell your story. With a collaborative approach, we develop a custom strategy using a combination of our services to effectively and efficiently meet your digital marketing needs and exceed your expectations. As an add-on to existing social media services or a stand-alone digital push, we’re thrilled to offer this new package!

At Carlisle & Co., we understand the power of digital marketing tactics like a social surge — and we use them for our own brand! 

In June, we celebrated the birthday of our founder and managing director, Greer Johnson, with a social media push that included a full weekend of giveaways on our Instagram page. We opted for a targeted and brand-heavy approach with a bottle of bubbly and our branded Sugarfina champagne gummies on Friday; a Nest candle with custom Carlisle & Co. matches on Saturday; and a box of Greer’s favorite things on Sunday. 

We utilized various CTAs/methods of entry. On Friday, we asked our followers to tag us in a story of their weekend plans. On Saturday, we asked them to like our post and tag a friend in the comments. And on Sunday, we asked them to sign-up to receive our emails. As a result, we reached 550 accounts — 38.8% more than the week prior. Additionally, our engagement increased by 192%.

Whether it’s pre-sale efforts for an upcoming memoir or a one-day pharmaceutical conference, we’ve seen this approach work for our clients as well. If you want to increase your engagement or grow your following before a big launch, the Social Surge Package is for you!

If you’re looking to expand your online reach with the Social Surge Package (or any other digital marketing services!), please reach out to our team today.

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