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A big part of digital marketing is social media. And a big part of social media is growing your following — which is harder than it sounds! It’s important that this increase occurs organically and includes real, targeted followers. After all, you want your followers to engage with and share your content, and fake followers or bots won’t do that.

Let’s talk about three reasons why growing your social media following is important to your business.

1. More followers equal more engagement.

If you use tactics and tools to grow your social media following organically, you’ll attract real people with a real interest in what you have to offer, which means real engagement. The goal is to get your account in front of people who want to follow you but just haven’t heard of you yet. Once they discover your page, they’ll begin liking and sharing your content — a win-win for both parties!

2. More engagement leads to better brand awareness.

As more people learn about your company, your credibility increases. For instance, many consumers are more willing to buy into your brand if you have a well-populated and well-followed Instagram account. It’s an easy way to showcase past successes, case studies, current projects, future offerings, and more. 

3. Ultimately, it will boost your digital marketing efforts!

Thanks to more social media followers, you’ll expand your online footprint and improve your digital marketing strategy. As your new followers share your content with their followers, more eyes will be on your feed than ever before. Plus, it improves the online image of your brand and compels even more people to look into your products or services. 

Luckily, at A Silver Lining, we have a Social Media Growth Package to help make your digital marketing dreams come true!

We’ve experimented with dozens of programs and methods over the years. Finally, we’ve found a tool that supports the organic growth of our clients’ social media following, particularly on Instagram and more recently TikTok. We’re confident that, with our dedicated management, we can help you consistently grow your following by 200 to 300 real and active followers each month.

We also want to warn against companies who promise thousands of new followers in under a month. To start, this activity is often flagged by Instagram and can lead to a suspended account. Plus, you run the risk of a profile that boasts hundreds of thousands of followers but no engagement — a very noticeable red flag that your followers are not legitimate.

Ready to step up your social media game? We’re excited to offer you a limited-time promotion! Sign up for three months of our Social Media Growth Package and only pay for two months (that’s a savings of 33%!). After the three-month period, you can renew or cancel at any time. Promotion period ends on September 30, 2022.


Reach out to us today to learn more!

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