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Instagram stories and highlights make it easy to share information with your audience in a casual, accessible way. 500 million daily users interact with Instagram stories each and every day, proving that they’re an effective avenue to push out information to your followers. Plus, they give you a chance to offer your audience a behind-the-scenes peek at everything you do. 

Once you’ve posted a captivating story, you should add that story to a story highlight. Story highlights are the first thing Instagram users see when visiting a profile. Strategically incorporating them into your social media strategy helps you draw attention to whatever products, topics, or events you want to highlight (pun intended!).

Let’s back up. What exactly are Instagram highlights?

Unlike stories, Instagram highlights don’t expire after 24 hours. They are a way to preserve your stories and allow your audience to view them at any time. Since your Instagram highlights sit front and center on your profile, it is wise to be as strategic as possible. Choose a few points to focus on and show them off to everyone who views your profile. Let’s explore four ways to use stories and highlights in your social media strategy

Interact with your audience.

Engaging with your audience on social media creates a lasting relationship and builds trust with your current and future clients. In fact, Instagram values engagement so much that posts with more engagement are often prioritized and shown to more users. Instagram has some great story features to help you interact with your followers, including polls, questions, links, quizzes, and more.

Show off your products or services. 

Stories are a fun way to showcase your products or services. You can share tidbits about your product development process, “a day in the life” series, a look at what’s to come, and more. It may give a follower that final push to invest in your business. It’s also a great place to post customers using your products and testimonials about your brand! 

Answer frequently asked questions. 

Including your frequently asked questions in your stories and highlights makes it easy for followers to learn more about you. Not sure what your audience wants to know? Post a story with the question button to find out!

Elevate your Instagram profile.

Story highlight covers allow you to create cohesive-looking highlights that match the aesthetic of your feed. Try incorporating your brand into your highlight covers with colors, fonts, and icons. View our downloadable highlight covers on The Shop and easily customize your favorite set to elevate your Instagram profile! 

Ready to step up your Instagram game? Let’s chat about how we can harness your social media presence to show off your offerings and engage with your audience!


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