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Five Reasons Why Online Reviews Matter

As a business owner, it’s important to set yourself apart from your competition. One way to achieve this goal? Positive online reviews. In fact, a study found that 90 percent of consumers read reviews before visiting a business, revealing the true importance of customer feedback. In today’s blog post, we explore five reasons why online reviews are important for the growth of your business. 

Use This Trick to Boost Your SEO

1. Online reviews can improve your SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) contributes to the exposure your brand receives from search engines like Google and Yahoo. The more positive reviews you receive, the more search engines will recognize your business as a reputable brand. As a reward, they will boost your ranking. 

Even better, reviews often include essential keywords that help with SEO. As a business owner, you can respond to reviews with even more keywords. Remember: The more relevant keywords and content on your site, the better. 

2. They can lead to an increase in sales: A recent study found that almost two-thirds of shoppers think that online reviews are an essential part of the decision-making process when debating if they will purchase a product or service. Online reviews can serve as the final push that a customer needs to make a purchase. 

3. They increase trustworthiness among your customers: Online reviews are a great way to build up your company’s reputation and credibility. Specifically, research has shown that 74 percent of buyers believe that positive reviews make them trust a business more. Not only does this trustworthiness help to increase sales, it also increases referrals from current customers to potential buyers

Online Reviews Grow Your Business

4. They serve as social proof: Social proof is the idea that people will copy what others are doing. Not only do online reviews provide organic content for your social media and website, they also show new customers that other people love your products or services – and that they should too! 

5. They serve as a point of connection with your customers: Creating genuine engagement with your website visitors leads to longtime loyalty. You can respond to your reviews as a way to thank your customers for both their purchase and their review. Any easy way to make a good impression? Address them by their first name in your reply! This small personal touch really goes a long way.

It’s easy to see why online reviews matter. If you’re looking for business growth, customer engagement, and/or improved SEO, ask for more reviews. You can run an email campaign, reach out via your social media platforms, or simply ask friends and family who have used your services. We can’t wait to hear about your success!


If you’re looking to develop a digital marketing strategy and grow your online reach, please reach out to our team today. Or visit The Shop for brand kits, customizable social media and email marketing templates, and more!


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