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For October, A Silver Lining, LLC (ASL) is proud to spotlight Financial Therapy Solutions, founded by Wendy Wright, LMFT, CEDS-S, CIEC. Wendy is a Financial Therapist based in Denver but available to clients nationwide thanks to telehealth services. Through her work as a Certified Financial Recovery™ Counselor, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and Supervisor, she helps people gain clarity and confidence in their relationships with both money and food. Using a blend of business training and therapeutic experience in her practice, Wendy guides clients to connect to their intuition and listen to it as they identify personal patterns, stories, and subconscious beliefs. She believes that approaching your financial difficulties with kindness and curiosity can be truly transformative.

Fast Facts About ASL’s Work with Financial Therapy Solutions

Here are some fast facts about our work with Wendy and the Financial Therapy Solutions team:

How long has Wendy worked with ASL? We began working with Wendy in July 2020. 

What digital marketing services do we provide? Our digital marketing services for Wendy vary month-to-month. They generally include social media support, content writing, media outreach, website development, design work, and email marketing.

What sort of success have we helped Wendy achieve? We recently worked with Wendy to grow her team and rebrand her practice (previously Wendy Wright Counseling). From posting social media ads for interested therapists to creating her new logos and migrating her website, we handled this transition from start to finish! 

Additionally, in January 2021, we secured a spot for Wendy on We Gotta Talk, a podcast hosted by Sonni Abatta. They chatted candidly about financial therapy, the importance of adopting an abundance mindset, and the need to set a plan in order to get out of debt.

Past and Current Projects for Financial Therapy Solutions

What past or current project stands out the most? We’re currently promoting an in-person event for Wendy and Full Circle Wellness at Nurture, scheduled for Tuesday, November 2nd at 5:30pm MDT. Participants will enjoy a community acupuncture session and learn ways to reduce their stress before they engage in a workshop led by Wendy that looks at shutting down shame in business. Learn more here!

What do our future goals look like? In January 2022, Wendy will be launching her Master Your Money workgroup. This six-month commitment aims to help therapists improve their relationships with money and grow their practices. The group is limited to six pre-qualified practice owners, allowing for an intimate setting during the 90-minute sessions each month. During each meeting, participants will work with Wendy and each other to dig deeper into their money mindsets, troubleshoot challenges, and create a clear path forward to reach their goals. We’ve so enjoyed supporting Wendy in this life-changing endeavor!

Where Can I Find Financial Therapy Solutions?

Website | Facebook | Instagram


If you’re looking to develop a digital marketing strategy and expand your online reach, please reach out to our team today to join a waitlist for our 2022 openings. 

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