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As the online world continues to change at a rapid pace, it can be tricky to stay up-to-date with digital marketing. One phrase that often comes up is Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known as SEO. We understand that SEO can be a confusing concept to grasp. In today’s blog post, we want to define SEO and discuss how it can help your business grow.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a method used to improve a website’s positioning in organic search results on sites such as Google and Yahoo. The more you utilize SEO in your content, the higher your site will be ranked when users look for relevant keywords. This type of digital marketing is organic, meaning you do not need to pay these search engines to increase your website’s rank (versus paid digital marketing tactics, like ads). Since SEO is one of the most effective organic forms of digital marketing, it is a great concept to understand and utilize.

Search engines use bots that go to different sites and gather information about the content on there as well as the external sites that are linked. These bots then put them into an index. This index acts as the search engine’s database, which is essentially a digital bank that stores information. When a user types something into the search bar of a search engine, that search engine goes into the index and pulls what it believes to be the most useful results. The more relevant content that a site puts out, the higher the bots will pull the website up in the search engine!

How SEO Can Help Your Business Grow

It’s easy to see, then, that SEO is a fundamental part of digital marketing. Forbes states that 93 percent of all online interactions begin with a search engine. Because organic searches are the most popular way for people to discover new content, SEO is particularly important if a business wants to gain website traffic and get more clients or customers. SEO also helps to improve the visitor’s experience with relevant and engaging content. This positive experience can create lasting relationships with consumers and improve your overall brand awareness.

Here at A Silver Lining, we use various tactics to determine the best keywords and links to include in your content to increase the ranking of your website. We also focus on creating the type of relevant and useful content that users (and search engines!) want. By implementing these SEO strategies, we aim to increase our clients’ website traffic and bring new visitors to their sites each month. The end goal is, of course, that these visitors turning into happy and long-time clients or customers.


Interested in using SEO to help your business grow? Reach out to our team to join a waitlist for our 2022 openings!

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