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Client Spotlight: Karen McCall

Each month, A Silver Lining, LLC (ASL) is proud to spotlight one of our clients, highlighting the business as well as their digital marketing strategies, successes, and future goals. 

For August, we’re excited to share a bit about our work with Karen McCall, the founder of the Financial Recovery™ Institute and the World Class Money Coach Training program. She is also the creator of MoneyGrit.®, a money management software that is a game-changer when it comes to planning and tracking. As a pioneer in the money coaching industry, she has trained hundreds of money coaches with her Financial Recovery philosophy, giving them the foundation to launch lucrative and thriving businesses as they help others find financial freedom. 

Digital Marketing Success for Karen McCall

Here are some fast facts about our work for both Financial Recovery Institute and MoneyGrit.: 

How long has Karen McCall worked with ASL? We began working with Karen and her husband John in May 2021.

What digital marketing services do we provide? Our digital marketing strategy for Financial Recovery Institute includes search engine optimization (SEO), targeted ads, email marketing, media outreach and interview coordination/virtual event participation, content writing (including blog posts and landing pages), and graphic design work as needed as well as our Premium Plan for social media, which includes 16-20 unique social media posts per month, engagement, and social advertisement campaigns. 

For MoneyGrit., we focus on email marketing, content writing, media outreach and interview coordination, and social media. 

What sort of success have we helped Karen McCall achieve? We’ve only worked with Karen and John for three months, but we’ve already accomplished so much! 

Since beginning our digital marketing efforts, we’ve seen a 30% increase in overall website traffic for both Financial Recovery Institute and MoneyGrit. For the Financial Recovery Institute’s social media platforms, we’ve achieved a:

  • 3,209% increase in Facebook impressions (how many people see the posts)
  • 5,918% increase in Facebook consumptions (how many people click on the posts)
  • 985% increase in Instagram impressions
  • 518% increase in Instagram likes

What past or current project stands out the most? Our biggest project-to-date has been the launch of the upcoming World Class Money Coach Training program, which is ongoing and set to begin in early September. We’ve worked on every aspect of this promotion, including: social media posts and ad campaigns, various email marketing funnels, landing pages, media outreach and interview coordination, completion badge design, and more. It’s been such a joy to help Karen bring this program to life! 

In our first month working with Karen and John, we completed a robust series about The Impact of Clothing Deprivation, which included multiple blog posts, social media support (including a Facebook Live), email marketing, and virtual event participation.

What do our future goals look like? We hope to continue to support Karen’s efforts for both the Financial Recovery Institute and MoneyGrit. We’re aiming for a smooth and successful first launch of World Class Money Coach Training, with additional launches planned for next year.

Where Can I Find Financial Recovery Institute?

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Where Can I Find MoneyGrit.?

Website | Instagram

If you’re looking to develop a digital marketing strategy and expand your online reach, please reach out to our team today to join a waitlist for our 2022 openings.

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