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Content Marketing: How It Can Help You

Content marketing is an important part of most digital marketing strategies. It is defined as a strategic marketing approach focused on creating, publishing, and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — with the ultimate goal of driving profitable customer behavior. 

What Is Content Marketing?

Rather than focusing on pitching products and services, brands rely on content marketing to directly provide useful subject matter to their website visitors and social media followers. Some key benefits that result from content marketing include:

  • attracting attention and generating media leads
  • expanding a company’s customer base
  • increasing online sales 
  • improving brand awareness and credibility
  • increasing engagement of their online community

This digital marketing tool relies on anticipating and meeting a customer need rather than creating demand for a new need. By sharing valuable information with their customers, a company hopes to receive something valuable in return, such as higher sales, higher engagement, or higher brand loyalty. Most companies now use content marketing, including big name-brands like P&G, Microsoft, and John Deere.  

There are various ways to measure the impact of a content marketing campaign, including:

  • change in website traffic (number of visitors to a page)
  • time spent on the page
  • click-through rates across pages or photos
  • number of e-mail addresses collected
  • brand health metrics (the positive or negative feedback a company receives online)
  • conversion through the sales process from sign-up to check-out
  • re-engagement rates (returning visitors)

How We Use Content Marketing at A Silver Lining, LLC

At A Silver Lining, LLC, we believe that content and creation are one of the cornerstones of an effective digital marketing plan. We collaborate with our clients to ensure that our content is targeting their intended audience with a clear and concise message. The content we create aims to accurately and effectively support our clients’ goals.

Our team uses content marketing on a regular basis to drive traffic to our client’s website, to increase their brand awareness, and to better their social media feeds. For instance, for real estate agency The Urban Dog Group at Coldwell Banker Realty, we develop online articles that focus on answering real estate questions for both buyers and sellers, particularly targeted at pet owners. For The Kahm Clinic, a nutrition clinic with four locations across the country, we educate website visitors and patients on subject matters ranging from eating disorder symptoms and treatment options to general nutrition and metabolism improvement. 

If you’re interested in adding content marketing to your company’s marketing efforts, reach out to our team today!

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