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Client Spotlight: Fannie Hillman + Associates

Photo courtesy of Alan Fraebel / Fannie Hillman & Associates

Client Spotlight: Fannie Hillman + Associates

In our new series, A Silver Lining, LLC (ASL) is proud to spotlight one of our wonderful clients each month, highlighting their company as well as their digital marketing strategies, successes, and future goals. 

To start, we’re excited to shine the spotlight on Fannie Hillman + Associates. This trusted neighborhood company based in Winter Park, Florida, includes a team of licensed brokers and sales associates that actively work with and serve the community. With two locations, including a recently opened office on the famed Park Avenue, they have been meeting the real estate needs of Central Florida residents since 1981. They fulfill their clients’ home buying and selling requests in Winter Park; Maitland; Baldwin Park; College Park; East Winter Park; Rose Isle, Orwin Manor, and Merritt Park, Audobon Park, and Colonial Town; and Downtown Orlando. As they say on their website, “We live here; we work here, and we have unparalleled knowledge of the local market.”

Fast Facts About ASL’s Work with Fannie Hillman + Associates

Here are some fast facts about our work with Fannie Hillman + Associates: 

How long has Fannie Hillman + Associates worked with ASL?

Fannie Hillman + Associates began working with ASL in 2017 with a focus on social media. We then expanded our working relationship to include a full suite of digital marketing services with a focus on branded SEO. 

What digital marketing services do we provide?

Fannie Hillman + Associates is set up with the Premium Digital Marketing Package. This package is inclusive of on-site and off-site search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ad strategy, re-targeting, re-marketing campaigns, email marketing campaigns, and a premium social media optimization (SMO) strategy. 

What sort of success have we helped Fannie Hillman + Associates achieve?

The real estate agency has experienced a significant increase in brand awareness and digital engagement, measurable via website traffic, engagement on social media channels, and an increase in conversions. 

What past or current project stands out the most?

We are in the process of initiating a ‘How To: Social Media Best Practices’ Training to further engage the Fannie Hillman agents and help support them in their digital marketing needs. A member of our team will visit their office once per month to teach an easy-to-integrate social media tip, trick, or best practice. We are excited to spend more one-on-one time with their agents and to help support the entire Fannie Hillman team in this new way!  

What do our future goals look like?

We have a continued goal of increased conversion, engagement, and brand awareness across all digital platforms. We want to support Fannie Hillman + Associates as the expert in the local real estate community with an international reach. 

“We have thoroughly enjoyed working with ASL. Their comprehensive digital marketing plan has helped us increase our brand awareness and overall online reach. The team at ASL is detail-oriented, dedicated, and very efficient! They truly care about their clients’ happiness and growth”

– Fannie Hillman team

If you’re looking to develop a digital marketing strategy and expand your online reach, please reach out to our team at ASL today!

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